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About Myself for Marriage Biodata

About Myself for Marriage Biodata - A well-crafted marriage biodata is essential when searching for your perfect partner. The "About Me" section of the biodata provides a brief description of your personality, thoughts, and hobbies, while the "Partner Preference" section allows you to list the personality traits you desire in a partner.

Typically, every matrimonial biodata includes the following fields: name, occupation, education, height, age, place of birth, parents' details, siblings' details, and contact information. However, adding an "About Me" and "Partner Preference" section can increase your chances of finding a suitable match.

About Me in Marriage Biodata
about myself for marriage biodata

The About Me section in a marriage biodata is a crucial part as it allows you to describe yourself in greater detail. This section may include details such as your personality traits, hobbies, likes/dislikes, beliefs, thoughts about life, future plans, and wishlist.

It is important to keep the About Me section short and in paragraph form. The tone of the section should be humble and simple. Below are some examples that you can use in your marriage biodata:

Example 1:

I come from a middle-class family that values religion, politeness, and hard work. My hobbies include dancing, yoga, cooking, and jogging. My friends describe me as a loving, affectionate, and caring person. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Example 2:

I am a simple and peace-loving person who believes in values, kindness, and fearing God. I enjoy reading fiction books, blogs, and keeping myself updated on everything.

Example 3:

I am a hardworking individual who is well-settled in my career. I believe in simple living and high thinking. I love spending time with my family, and in my free time, I enjoy watching movies and reading fiction books.

Partner Preference in Marriage Biodata
Partner Preference in Marriage Biodata

The section of Partner Preference, also known as Expectations, is an important part of a Marriage Biodata. As the name suggests, this section outlines what you are looking for in a partner. Adding this section to your biodata is a good idea as it gives your potential spouse an idea of what you expect from them. The Partner Preference section may include details such as:

  • Personality Traits
  • Physical Appearance
  • Beliefs

Like the 'About Me' section, this section should also be kept concise and simple. The tone of this section should not sound too demanding.


I am looking for a simple, open-minded, caring, and down-to-earth man. He should be understanding, respect elders, and support me in all phases of life.

I am seeking a life partner who can also be my friend and stand by me in every phase of life. He should be open-minded, understanding, and settled in his career.


Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my profile. I am a 28-year-old (woman or boy) with a positive outlook on life. I believe in leading a balanced lifestyle and always strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I am a simple yet ambitious person who is always eager to learn and grow.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and traveling to new places. I am also a fitness enthusiast and make it a point to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. I am a family-oriented person and hold traditional values close to my heart.

I am looking for a life partner who shares similar values and is supportive of my dreams and aspirations. Someone who is understanding, caring, and respectful towards others. I believe that communication and mutual respect are the foundation of a successful relationship, and I am looking for someone who shares the same belief.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, and I wish you all the best in your search for a life partner.


"Hi, I'm [Name], and I'm excited to be here! I'm a [Age]-year-old [Profession/Job Title] who loves [Hobby/Interest]. I believe in living life to the fullest and cherishing every moment. I'm a positive, easy-going person who enjoys good company and great conversation. I'm also a family-oriented person and hold my loved ones very close to my heart.

In my free time, I enjoy [Activity/Hobby]. I also enjoy trying new things and exploring new places. I believe in constantly learning and growing as a person, and I'm always looking for new challenges to take on.

When it comes to my ideal partner, I'm looking for someone who is kind, caring, and has a good sense of humor. I value honesty, integrity, and loyalty above all else. I want someone who I can trust, who will be my best friend, and who will always be there for me.

If you think we could be a good match, feel free to send me a message. I'd love to get to know you better!"


Crafting a well-written marriage biodata can significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable partner. Make sure to include the "About Me" and "Partner Preference" sections to give potential matches a better understanding of who you are and what you are looking for in a partner.